WLUG Executive Committee Meeting

21 April 2004

Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:08pm.

Present: Daniel, Craig B, Craig M, John, Matt, Jamie, Greig, Phil
Apologies: Perry

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved: Daniel
Seconded: Matt

Motion passed

2. Treasurer's Report

The treasurer's report was accepted unanimously.

3. Correspondence

None this month.

4. New Members

New members are required to provide us a physical, signed copy of the application form; this can be by post or fax, Craig B to update the web pages to make this clear.

The form will be updated to include "effective under the laws of New Zealand" and ask for a username/password for the WLUG server.

5. Committee Mailing List - effectiveness & policy regarding posting

There has been some complaint recently regarding the committee mailing list. We have decided to leave the list as it is and send a message to the society mailing list clarifying the reason for the existance of the list and the reason that we do not want discussion from the committee list happening on the main mailing list.

Non committee member postings will not be allowed onto the mailing list.

6. Committee - Purpose, Direction, Relationship to WLUG

We will steer the meeting towards an "interesting external speakers" direction, with the eventual goal of attracting noted Linux luminaries to give presentations.

We will no longer push towards "teaching" at meetings; the support goal will be met through the mailing list, wiki, and IRC channel.

7. Resignation - GreigMcGill - Full explanation/discussion at the meeting.

As a result of the discussions of tonights meeting Greig has decided not to resign from the WLUG committee.

8. Installfest

Matt reports that community newspapers do not offer free advertising; Matt and Bruce are to approach reporters with an eye to having them cover the event.

9. General Business

Possible fundraising ideas:

  • "Win a Geek" raffle/competition, where people enter to have someone come to their house and fix all their digital problems for an afternoon.
  • Hardware Smashup - OSH problems have prevented this happening on the University campus.
  • Computer disposal service - businesses require old hardware recycled and will pay; if we can find somewhere to store we can start running a recycling service, taking useful old hardware and installing Linux on it, giving machines away as going concerns. This can be used to promote both Linux and the LUG to businesses.

Meeting closed at 9:32pm.