The Waikato Linux Users' Group end of year wind-down barbeque.

Not on the 4th monday of the month cos that's just before Christmas. And not the Sunday before cos everyone will be away. So a nice random Sunday in the middle of the month.

The WLUG Christmas BBQ 2002 was held at DaHoose (JamieCurtis' and PerryLorier's house) from 4pm, Sunday the 15th of December. Some summary:

Lots of bread, meat and salad was consumed. JamieCurtis made 2kg of egg and potato salad himself and even vacuum packed it.

Backyard touch didn't really work so we started playing backyard cricket with a rugby ball and grapefruit. Many people narrowly avoided grapefruit related injuries.

CraigBox was standing between Glenn and Vernn, who both got angry, and got covered in tomato sauce. GreigMcGill's wife got angry when we war dialled him, and then GreigMcGill came and got angry when it was suggested that Straitjacket Fits were "common Flying Nun kiwi rock crap."

Much discussion was made about Infomer, the InfoBot. Apparently Megan is DanielLawson's ho' of the mo'.

JamieCurtis wondered how all the strange music that GreigMcGill picked had got into his MP3 collection. Everyone was in awe of the tablet PC.

The brazier made fire (and lots of ash) and many marshmellows were toasted. At least one flaming one ending up on PerryLorier's foot.

PhilMurray's photos:

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