WLUG Committee Meeting
19 January 2005
Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7.36pm

Present: GreigMcGill, CraigBox, JohnMcPherson, JamieCurtis, PerryLorier, GianPerrone
Apologies: CraigMckenna, MattBrown

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved CraigBox
Seconded JamieCurtis

Motion passed

2. Matters arising from previous meeting

  • Reminder bot is fixed again.
  • Craig to seed wiki for 2005.
  • Barbeque was cancelled due to bad weather.
  • New wiki - given up. Will not do what we need and appears currently under maintained. AllPages page had already been disabled. John & Perry to have another look and potentially email ReiniUrban.
  • John to look at scripts to disable LDAP accounts
  • WLUG purchased a kettle for use at meetings.
  • No response from GavinDenby regarding new user tutorials.
  • Gian to investigate fundraising opportunities.

3. Correspondence

Three new library books have arrived courtesy of Woodslane.

4. Treasurers report

The treasurer was not present to present a report.

5. Resignation - Kyle Carter

The WLUG committee accept Kyle's resignation. After careful consideration, the committee have decided that as we continue to reach quorum, we do not currently need to coopt any further members.

6. General business

  • Questions have been formulated on the ParliamentaryQuestions page - these need to be prepared and sent to RodneyHide.
  • Jamie and John to talk to Steve Reeves regarding continued sponsorship for Lit.B meeting location.
  • Exim author Philip Hazel is over for NZNOG and may be able to present to WLUG - Jamie is to find out when he is here. Jamie is also attempting to get copies of the Exim 4 book donated to the WLUG and DunLug libraries.

Meeting closed at 8:23pm.