WLUG Committee Meeting
20 April 2005
Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7.12pm

Present: CraigBox, PerryLorier, JohnMcPherson, JamieCurtis, CraigMckenna, teleMattBrown
Apologies: GreigMcGill, GianPerrone

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved JamieCurtis
Seconded PerryLorier

Motion passed

2. Matters arising from previous meeting

  • Email addresses have been removed from the WLUG list archives where appropriate.
  • phpLdapAdmin has been fixed on hoiho.
  • Still waiting on Exim4 video in Wellington.
  • Nandor has contacted Greig and is now booked for May 23 meeting.

3. Correspondence

  • 40 Ubuntu Warty CDs have arrived. (Better late than never!)
  • Linux for Non Geeks book arrived from O'Reilly.

4. Treasurers report

The Treasurers report was tabled and accepted.

5. Installfest

Installfest planning is well underway; specific details are on the InstallFestToDo page. Advertising to date has been a success, with printed mentions in the Hamilton Press and Waikato Times.

6. Next meeting

Due to Anzac Day falling on the 4th Monday, the next meeting will be rolled into the Installfest. There will be a regular May meeting.

7. General business

  • Persons with overdue library books can return them at the installfest.
  • Exim 4 books are still available - contact Jamie to purchase.

Meeting closed at 8:17pm.