Things to do before an installfest

This is the list from 2005 - if you're arranging another installfest, please archive this page and use the steps as guidelines for things you might not want to forget!

 Action   Assigned To   Comments   Completion 
 Talk to: Recycled Tech   CraigBox   Emailled 24/3   Decided against using 
 Talk to: NZ Computer Sales   CraigBox   Emailled, to follow up   Decided against using 
 Talk to: Dick Smith   MattBrown   Waiting on parts   done 
 Get Ubuntu CDs   CraigBox   Canonical confirmed to supply   looking unlikely 
 Publicity   CraigBox   Nexus   Left too late 
 Publicity   CraigBox   Week-Before Follow Up   done 
 Information web pages (don't use WinModem etc)         To come after installfest 
 WLUG/OSS Info sheets   JohnMcPherson   use old ones   done 
 Checklist for installing Linux on a PC   CraigBox   InstallFestCheckList, Craig to do print version   done 
 Arrange tables/chairs   JamieCurtis      being delievered tonight 
 Arrange power distribution   JamieCurtis   Need extension cords   done 
 Arrange network gear   JamieCurtis   Gear arrived    
 Arrange wireless gear   JamieCurtis   CRCnet gear    
 Arrange presentations   GreigMcGill   I will present 15-20 mins on what Linux is, and how we got here. CraigBox will present 5-10 minutes on how to use a basic Linux desktop. Other volunteers are welcome. We will rotate as required.    
 Arrange servers   JamieCurtis      done 
 Collect updates for supported distributions   CraigBox   transproxy works   done 
 Arrange food/drink   CraigBox   Talk to Dan & Crawshaw    
 Arrange phone line/PABX   PerryLorier   Approached LindsayDruett - something currently being arranged    
 Arrange server to have modem answer   JamieCurtis       
 Arrange photographer/s   GreigMcGill   KyleCarter will take photos, AlexandraMcGill will take random DV.   done 
 Arrange Windows OSS CDs   CraigBox   To burn when DSE cds arrive   40 done 
 Arrange printer   DanielLawson       
 Get bandwidth   CraigBox   Need to email RL on Thursday   done 
 Big canvas banner   CraigMckenna      not happening 
 WLUG business cards   CraigMckenna   bad cutting but   done 
 Signposts   CraigMckenna   Happening Friday   done 
 Do anything with a disclaimer?   CraigBox   InstallFestLegalese   done 
 Send out confirmation emails to participants   JohnMcPherson   on Thursday, or Friday?   done 
 Send registration summary (requests, etc) to cmte list   JohnMcPherson   Friday todo morning   done 
 Buy/organise sticky labels, masking tape   CraigBox   Leftovers from last year   done 

List of suggested presentations

  • How to be a good member of the Internet

    • How to use a mailing list
    • Keeping your Windows/Linux up to date
  • ThingsToDoWithYourLinuxBox
  • entertainment -- all those silly little Linux games?

Things we've already finished

 Decide on a date   everyone   Sat 7 May   done 
 Book venue   DanielLawson   Booked for 7 & 14 May   done 
 Advertise   CraigBox   InstallFestPressRelease.2005-05-07   done 
 Publicity   CraigBox   done 
 Publicity   CraigBox   done 
 Publicity   CraigBox   New poster   done 
 Publicity   CraigBox   Waikato Times   Printed Sat 16/4 
 Publicity   CraigBox   Hamilton Press   Printed Wed 20/4 
 Signup web page   GreigMcGill   use last year's one (just needs to be re-enabled)   done 
 Decide on supported distributions   WlugCommittee   Decision made? Ubuntu Hoary   done 
 Arrange PA system   CraigBox   Crawshaw have   done