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 __WLUG Committee Meeting__%%% 
+__20 April 2005__%%%  
+__Meeting Minutes__  
-To have something added to the agenda for this meeting, please email secretary @
+Meeting opened at 7 .12pm  
-Provisional agenda
+Present : CraigBox, PerryLorier, JohnMcPherson, JamieCurtis, CraigMckenna, tele[MattBrown] %%%  
+Apologies: GreigMcGill, GianPerrone  
-# Minutes from previous meeting  
-# Matters arising  
-# Correspondence  
-# Treasurers report  
-# General business 
+!1. Minutes from previous meeting  
+Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting  
+Moved JamieCurtis %%%  
+Seconded PerryLorier  
+!Motion passed  
+!2. Matters arising from previous meeting  
+* Email addresses have been removed from the WLUG list archives where appropriate.  
+* phpLdapAdmin has been fixed on hoiho.  
+* Still waiting on Exim4 video in Wellington.  
+* Nandor has contacted Greig and is now booked for May 23 meeting.  
+!3. Correspondence  
+* 40 [Ubuntu] Warty CDs have arrived. (Better late than never!)  
+* Linux for Non Geeks book arrived from O'Reilly.  
+!4. Treasurers report  
+The Treasurers report was tabled and accepted.  
+!5. Installfest  
+Installfest planning is well underway; specific details are on the InstallFestToDo page. Advertising to date has been a success, with printed mentions in the Hamilton Press and Waikato Times.  
+!6. Next meeting  
+Due to Anzac Day falling on the 4th Monday, the next meeting will be rolled into the Installfest. There will be a regular May meeting.  
+!7. General business  
+* Persons with overdue library books can return them at the installfest.  
+* Exim 4 books are still available - contact Jamie to purchase.  
+Meeting closed at 8:17pm.