Anime is the Japanese artform of wanting to be Caucasian. (Strangely enough it sprung up after World War 2.) They contain characters which are appealing to those who like to draw exactly what they see, but they do not create characters that inspire people to create further characters based on them.

I think of it as "a disgusting bastardisation of Japanese culture and childrens television to provide really bad entertainment for adults."

Pronounced 'aneem'. See also Hentai?.

There is an AnimeMailingList?.

(TV shows and movies such as Evanglion and Akira) are the only good non-comedy cartoons for people older than 12 and many people enjoy them. -- SimonCrosby.

Fair enough, but why is this a deal? Why do you have to watch cartoons? Do you read books anymore? The only cartoons I have watched (for people over 12) were comedies. And I don't have a problem with that, because I watch real people in movies and on TV. Even in unrealistic (sci-fi/fantasy) situations.

Anime is the artform that bought the world Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z and Pokemon. I want to dislike it. Hmph.

(Chalk another one up for 'inappropriate use of the wiki' :) -- Craig

I still don't know why your critisising anime. Cartoons are not just for children because they aren't "realistic" enough for adults. Fiction is not really supposed to be realistic. I watch anime because they are fun to watch. If you don't think so, well ... who cares ? :-) Also, I can forgive you for not liking Pokemon, Digimon, Zoids or the new Transformers. I hate them as well. There are also lots of good ones (not on tv in nz though). -- SimonCrosby

I don't get the geek fascination with it. Why are geeks more likely to watch it than other people? It needed a page defined, and I have a critical opinion, so I defined it. Someone with a great knowledge of it might wish to define it completely differently. That is what Wiki is all about! (Oh, and the page was really only here so I could tell people how it was pronounced to anger MatthewBrowne :) -- CraigBox

Why do people have to watch cartoons? I find that question offensive. Why do people have to have a reason to watch them? Futurama, The Simpsons, The Family Guy, Southpark etc are cartoons that I'm sure you find perfectly acceptable to watch. The only reason anime is any different is because of its basic cultural origin. Not content to merely exercise your right to not watch anime and watch more acceptable western-oriented cartoons, you feel obliged for some reason to inflict your opinion upon others. Is this a reflection of poor self esteem? Lack of confidence perhaps? Inability to perform at certain important times? Impotence, per se? Your continued attacks upon anime are both a cultural insult and a direct imposition of your bigoted moral viewpoint upon my God-given right to enjoy life and find entertainment where I choose. Cease and desist, sir. -- DanielLawson

I guess the difference for me is the examples you gave are all individual programs in their own right. People seem to use "anime" as a blanket term, and worship it. Personally, I hate it. But I wouldn't make any judgements on it. --GreigMcGill

The question is based around Simon's statement that anime are the "only good non-comedy cartoons for people over 12". Why do people have to discredit comedy as an incorrect use of cartooning? Do you not think that other breeds of cartoon would be produced if studies suggested they would be popular? Are you implying the 'outgrowing' of American cartoons as a serious medium as people grow up -- perhaps suggesting that's what Walter Disney wanted us to think? That cartooning is an art form for children only? Are you trying to hold onto your inner child but are not comfortable doing so watching comedy? Do you use anime as a connection to a broken childhood that you didn't enjoy? All these questions can be answered with the help of your local registered psychotherapist, including perhaps some insight on why you feel you need to make sweeping generalizations about other people's lives based on their (permissable and encouraged) choice to speak their piece? To read cultural insensitivity onto a discussion that is based around an art form borders on a racial slur. Are you suggesting that I have a problem with Japan? Are you saying that in order to maintain your high self-esteem and your ability to please your international harem that you are required to maintain the opinion of the general populace and you lack the ability to speak out against something you wish to criticize? I hope that one day you find your inner peace and can live your life without the stress of finding the need to justify your habits to those who post on a wiki. -- CraigBox

Here is an essay that was on the front page of Slashdot. It talks about many of the things we have been arguing about so enjoyably. -- SimonCrosby