A Political party in NewZealand. Their current leader is RodneyHide. From their website:

"ACT stands for individual freedom and choice, personal responsibility and the protection of the life, liberty and property of each and every citizen.

ACT is dedicated to enabling New Zealanders to have more opportunities and choices in their own lives. We promote political and economic freedom, strong families and communities, smaller government, and greater empowerment of individuals."

  • GreigMcGill shares this philosophy, and believes it is a great fit for OpenSource software.
  • GianPerrone does not, and believes that the lack of individual control over OpenSource software is incompatible with the fully-privatised, free market politics of ACT.
  • RussNelson (not a member of WLUG, but an officer of OpenSourceInitiative) believes GianPerrone is wrong about the nature of OpenSource software. OpenSource in fact gives __everyone individual control over OpenSource software. The nature of ACT is to disperse power, and OpenSource does the same thing.
  • LindsayDruett is not convinced by any Member of Parliment, or their respective parties they represent - The Thunderbirds, Stingray, and Joe 90 are more convincing as puppets to him.