A wiki runs on trust. Anyone can edit any page. We trust that the people we allow to use the wiki are going to respect it, and not do silly things.

Sometimes, people come along who violate that trust. For no reason other than perhaps their own gratification, they edit pages and update information so it becomes inaccurate.

This does nothing but waste the time of the person who comes by and see the information has changed, and sets it back to its original value.

We offer this wiki OnTrust. We hope it helps people. There will be people who don't want to be helped -- they will want to cause mischief. We can remove access to those people, however we might also have to remove access to other people in the process. All people that are violating our trust are doing, is making life hard on their peers.

Of course, if you're one of those people, this probably means little to you, and you'll continue to waste your time and ruin our goodwill. Grow up. :(