InternationalDrinkingRules are as follows:

  • You must not refer to any participant by their First Names. Surnames (Last Names for those illiterates), nicknames, or "Oi You" are acceptable. A ruling may be made on "common usage" by all participants. eg. Magilla as a nickname for GreigMcGill would probably be deemed "common usage" and thus require consumption.
  • You must not point at any participant.
  • You must not use the term "Drink" or words starting with that word (drinks, drinking etc). Nor may you use the word "scull". The commonly accepted term to use is "consume", however in the play of a RuleCard that word is often the first word banned, in which case we recommend "imbibe" or "gulp". A serving of alcohol is referred to as a 'beverage'.
  • When consuming from ones vessel (note the vernacular, "glass" or "bottle" are gone too in harsher variations), one must use their off hand (ie, left hands for a righthander) and keep the pinky finger extended.
  • An empty vessel must not touch the "designated drinking surface". You must "bottle out" using the agreed terminology (sometimes "shotgun bottle out", or sometimes "timeout" whilst arranging ones arms in the shape of a T) and fetch a new vessel, or have someone else fetch one for you.
  • Safe consumption applies: no vessel can be closer to the table edge than the length of one extended thumb. The owner of the unsafe beverage has to comply with safety regulations and down his bevvie.
  • Acceptance of a new, full vessel is an automatic consume.
  • Profanity may not be used.
  • The front of the hand may not be used to point; the elbow must be used.
  • Notating forgotten rules while a game is in progress is encouraged.


  • Thumb Master: nominated for the duration of the game, when the Thumb Master places his/her thumb on the table then everyone else must follow suit. The last person to notice and subsequently being the last person to place their thumb on the table must finish their vessel. This is normally allocated with a card in CircleOfDeath.
  • Chin Master: as above; but with a thumb on the chin.
  • Pose Master: appointed at the beginning of the night, when the Pose Master strikes a pose (which can involve anything from wacky grimaces to posing like a greek sculpture) everybody has to imitate him/her. The last person to do so consumes a fixed amount of beverage.
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