The "inplay" name for ThreeMan. A DrinkingGame.

Rules (partially lifted/ammended from somewhere I forget):

This is played with 2 dice and whatever you choose to drink. Choose wisely, as this game is a non-stop drink-fest.

This game is best played with 4 or more players.

Decide who rolls first (you can figure this one out.) Once you do that, each person takes turns rolling the two dice (moving clockwise.)

The first person to roll a three on any one dice names any one player at the table the 'three man,' - though the word three may not be said, or it's a drink for the offender - hence the name of the game. The three man wears the DrinkingHat, or something to identify him/her as the doomed party. The roll now goes to the next person and continues on clockwise from there - if anybody rolls a 3 on either dice, you (the 3-Man) must drink.

The roll is passed round the table. Any time a three is rolled on either die, the three man must consume. If a 2 and a 1 are rolled (ie, a total of three), the roller becomes the three man. If a double three is rolled, the DrinkingHat goes in the middle and rolling continues until a new three man is designated by rolling a three.

The three man must also mirror ALL other consumptions except buffalos, and his/her own drinks.

Certain rolls count as "special". A player rolling a special roll obeys the rule of that roll, and rolls again, until he rolls a non-special roll. This is known as "nuffs" for nuffink, and rolling nuffs on the first roll of the dice still counts as a consumption! ;)

Everyone has their own variants on the exact rolls, but here is what we use:

  • Three - See above for rulings relating to three.
  • Seven - Person to your left drinks.
  • Nine - Social. Everyone drinks.
  • Eleven - Person to your right drinks
  • Double - give the # of drinks on the dice. So if you roll two 5's, then you pick somebody to drink 5 times. You can divide this up over several players.
  • Snake Eyes - This is the term used with you throw two 1's. Rolling this forces all players at the table to drink - same as a social, except allows for the common variant: If the next person rolls a Snake Eyes as well, then everybody races to slam down whatever is left in their vessel... the last person to do so must drink another full vessel.

Misc. Items

InternationalDrinkingRules ALWAYS apply.

The three man may NOT leave the circle for any reason. He may nominate others to fetch him drinks, and good manners suggests they comply. They must time out/bottle out of course.

Dice may not be taken (accepted) from another players hand. This is a good "sneak attack".

Dice abuse (dice falling from the playing/drinking surface) is a punishable offence - sometimes by buffalo (vessel consume). Decide early if this is going to be enforced.