Top bloke.

An OpenVMS / VMS SME and a student of the Linux, Solaris, HP-UX? and AIX ways

An aptly named lover of BigIron! :)

Previously known for great gatherings and which always involve lots of alcohol, TreeMan and someone passing out.

He is giver of old Alpha hardware and owner much including

  • AlphaServer DS20e
  • VAX station 3100
  • Apple PowerMac G4
  • Sun Sparcstation 5
  • Athlon64x2 4800
  • HP NX9010 Laptop
  • Asus eee701

and other misc PC's

Also has a keen interest in HomeAutomation. Currently building a LinuxMCE based automation server to control various devices including lighting, water sprinklers, MP3s etc. Will put together a WLUG presentation once its up and running.

Non-geek interests include cycling (Road and off road), Rock Climbing, Sqaush (though not very good), Tramping, Boxing, Gym (Les Mills).