WLUG Meeting Minutes
20 April 2006

Meeting opened at 7:55pm.

Present: LindsayDruett, DavidHallett, CraigBox, MatthiasDallmeier, PerryLorier,
Apologies: IanMcDonald, GianPerrone

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Motion: that the minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting.

Moved: PerryLorier
Seconded: LindsayDruett

Motion passed

2. Matters arising

Ian promised us 208 students and failed to deliver. He has summarily been placed "in the curry".

3. Correspondence

Our Google AdWords pin has arrived; it was given to Matt and Google will start mailing us cheques.

4. Follow up: New server

Based on very positive feedback from HP we have decided not to pursue any other leads for server sponsorship at this point.

GreigMcGill has made an offer of a Xen domain for WLUG on his LCA prize server, in return for hosting. We have a good faith arrangement with Orcon for hosting and we do not believe that we can host his server, but thank him for his offer.

5. Follow up: Banner

Ian has returned to WLUG with a quote for $502.85.

Motion: that we amend our approval of finance for this project to $550.00.

Moved: CraigBox Seconded: DavidHallett

Motion carried

We would prefer the banner be more banner-shaped and will ask Ian to talk to Jayne about this. Matthias has volunteered to have a prototype design available by Monday.

6. General business

The inaugural WLUG Saturday Workshop fixit meeting was held on the 1st of April.

Motion: that the committee thank Bruce Kingsbury for his efforts in arranging the WLUG Saturday Workshops

Moved: DavidHallett Seconded: MatthiasDallmeier

Motion carried

We need to try and encourage "experts" to attend these.

We need to have some spare meeting topics up our sleeves.

Start planning for installfest to be held in mid-July.

Next committee meeting, 18th May; location Innovation Waikato.

Meeting closed at 8.27pm.