PalmOS Ergo Sum

6'4 well-rounded individual *grin* with hazel eyes and a ready smile. The rest is subject to change without notice! Proud owner of a BSc in ComputerScience and Pure Maths from WaikatoUniversity. I've been a Geek since before it was cool. :)

Primarily I am a windows user at home. Mainly because of legacy software I enjoy using and the games I like to play. I am currently building a development box that will be 100% linux. This is because I found at uni that I prefer using a linux environment for my LAMP work and just general web and personal software development (Java usually for software but some C/C++). I've got copies of the Dapper Drake version of ubuntu and kubuntu - as yet I haven't decided which I prefer.

I am keen to explore AJAX and learn more about how to use and manage a Linux environment.

Update 2008: Now running Ubuntu Hardy in a vm under Windows Vista. Still a Linux n00b however!

email: james at courage dot co dot nz