1. Previous Minutes
  2. Treasurers report
  3. Correspondence
  4. Matters
  5. Server status
  6. General business

Meeting Minutes

Held at 3 John Webb Drive (7.50pm - 9.20pm)


Not Present:JohnBillings

The previous minutes were inspected and agreed as correct

Motion: To approve the minutes as of the 16/06/2008 Moved JamesPluck; seconded:LindsayDruett . Carried


Discussion surrounding a card board box for mail at Department of Computer Science at Waikato University Will talk with Sally Jo Cunningham --BruceKingsbury

Treasurers Report.

  • Received $147.74 from Google Adsense
  • Current account is at $1316.77
  • Petty cash $67.15
  • SimonGreen's work (InSoft?) is forwarding mail to JamesPluck address including ASB electronic bank statements
  • Membership. See below

Matters Arising.

Presentation at next Monday's meeting

Other possible presentation topic both now and next Monday

  • Laurence again considered as possible on open source business model. --BruceKingsbury
  • Electronic Crimes LAb Border Security, etc Wayne Rumble of University of Waikato Law Department

General Business

Software Freedom Day 20th Sept

  • Library Display

Discussion around poster presentation at the library. Size requiremed is smaller than previous understanding. JamesPluck suggested Viscom may have suitable printing facilities.

  • Gateway

BryceUtting suggested a series of A3 screen dumps on posters around the room would show the different free and open source applications

  • Discussions surrounding proposed CD distribution

    Intend to burn our own CD "OpenDisc" and give away as promotional material. BryceUtting suggested CD labeling and JamesPluck mentioned he might have access to a CD printer.

Promotional Penguin

Courtney Druett is now the Linux Penguin Mascot wearing. The commitee extends its thanks to Cairo for her years of service.


JamesPluck has an extract from Hoiho of all currently known members and whether they have current or expired subscriptions. JamesPluck will talk with Perry about access to the database to prepare a reminder email to encourage present list members to become financial members. The understanding is the email will allow unpaid members to catch up their membership and allow voting at the next AGM

Update: Still need to progress membership list. Will talk with Perry regarding getting the membership is a useable data format.

Server Status

  • Hoiho

    Still to get the new disk into service. Some discussions about future hosting arrangements and whether a formal account with Orcon may be the best long term arrangement.

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