Meeting Opened 7:30

Present: IanMcDonald, BruceKingsbury, JamesPluck, ChrisOhalloran, RodAldridge, LindsayDruett Apol: SimonGreen

Previous minutes approved: Ian/James

Treasurers report: No activity. $1614.32 in the bank, $58 petty cash.

Correspondence: None

General Business

Constitutional amendment: The wording of the constitution currently doesn't make the president a signatory. We need to change the wording to be 2 of 3 signatures, treasurer, secretary and president, which means we need to give notice that we're amending the constitution before the AGM. - secretary to look into this.

Library: Ordered 4 books from OReilly, one from Peachpit. Reregistered with OReilly as occasionally required. OReilly give LUG members a discount, enter "DSUG" as a discount code and you get 35% off all titles. James is doing an audit of the library.

Next Workshop: to be organised br Bruce and Rod. We may try to promote this one in whatsonhamilton website and the Waikato Times weekend column.

Future Meetings:

  • July: Peter Harrison
  • August: Intel? BSD? 3D desktops? Virtulisation? MythTV?
  • Sept: AGM
  • Oct:
  • Nov:

Server status: Simon was not present to report, but the new mail certificate appears to have been installed.

Meeting closed: 8:45

Next meeting 7:30pm Aug 20 at LindsayDruett's place, 3 John Webb Drive