Venue: James' place (31 Aberfoyle Street)

  1. Previous Minutes
  2. Treasurers report
  3. Correspondence
  4. Matters
  5. Server status
  6. General business

Announcement of AGM to be sent to mailing list and all past and current members (as provided by Perry)

Is the AGM on October 20th or October 27th? Not sure why the filler page was MeetingTopics.2008-10-20 unless there's some public holiday or other reason I wasn't aware of..

Meeting Minutes

Held at 31 Aberfoyle Street (7.55pm - 9.30pm)


Not Present:LindsayDruett

The previous minutes were inspected and agreed as correct

Motion: To approve the minutes as of the 19/07/2008 Moved ??; seconded:?? . Carried


The mailing address is official now the c/- Computer Sciences and Waikato University Relevant parties, Orcon, ASB etc are being updated.

Treasurers Report.

JamesPluck informed the committee that he would not be standing for re-election

James spent $40 on a stamp set for the OpenDisc CD promotion as part of SFD. The stamp can be reconfigured for other applications. The committee agreed the presentation was neat and clear for the OpenDisc

James advised that we were late on an Orcon Domain Name registration at $13.52/quarter, that he had paid the bill from his own funds and was looking to be reimbursed.

James also advised that he was in the process of redirecting mail to

James intended to merge the mailing address for waikatolug and wlug.

James advised that no progress had been made in migrating the ASB address to university address Update:ChrisOhalloran and BruceKingsbury completed this on 10th Sept

Matters Arising.


General Business

Software Freedom Day 20th Sept

Wlug Banner cable ties: JamesPluck SFD Questionaire: JamesPluck

JamesPluck noted there might be privacy implications of questionaire and that the final form could be vetted by a work colleague specializing in privacy matters

JohnBillings, ChrisOhalloran & BruceKingsbury are bringing machines

90 Ubuntu Disc, 27 Balloons and badges are available

Dyno Labellers for cabling and any private equipment: ChrisOhalloran

Projectors: The Wlug and PC club projectors will be available.

A wireless access point will be available for internet

Motion: To make available $100 for coffee and snacks and contingencies

Moved: JamesPluck Seconded: BryceUtting. Carried

Committee members were invited to list their skills on the SFD 2008 Hosts so members might be more aware of their collective skills.

AGM tentatively scheduled for 20th October CommitteeMeetingTopics.2008-10-20

Next committee meeting CommitteeMeetingTopics.2008-10-13