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Discussion of Software Freedom Day


  • A manageable turnout
  • USB stick draw worked well.
  • Music applications/ setups are popular.
  • Presentations format worked well.
  • The posters and advertising had created manageable expectations.
  • A public figure is a draw card (Nandoor Tanzcos)
  • Experienced presenters held audience attention.
  • The fliers and promotional materials were excellent.
  • News paper recognition.
  • EEE PC is popular.

Things we learned

  • A resources page/board for those interested in future information.
  • The value of having someone welcoming people to the event.
  • The value of having the internet available.
  • Perhaps a notice board/ white board for any rescheduling issues.
  • Perhaps some configuration work could have been done earlier
  • Wireless AND wired access is useful to those wishing to hook up laptops. Number one trouble shooting with laptops is wireless issues so wired access is a prerequisite for troubleshooting some issues.
  • Have a session demonstrating the OpenDisc (on a windows computer), highlighting the programs on it.

Thing we could do better or ideas for discussion

  • Maybe a local ubuntu respository for any install work to avoid hammering the internet connection. (might also save embarrassment when doing how to install)
  • Windows machines demonstrating the true cross platform nature of many free software projects
  • Demonstrating MythTV showing maturity of application.

Preparation for AGM