For Software Freedom Day 2008 we'd like to have as many members (and non-members, we're not fussy) available as possible to help anyone out with whatever questions and problems they might arrive with. So, this page has been set up so that if you're willing to help you can add yourself to the list along with what areas you can help with and what your expertise is.

If you don't feel you qualify on those grounds, we're definitely still keen to see you - if the day's busy then you can help just by chatting with visitors, and if the day's quiet then we'll be putting the games to use.


Categories we could possibly expect questions on (feel free to add more, but compact is more manageable):

  • Desktop: installing Linux, desktop configuration, file management
  • Internet: Firefox (plugins knowledge useful), Thunderbird, Evolution
  • Productivity: Writer, Impress, Calc, Scribus
  • Graphics: Gimp, Inkscape, Blender, Hugin, Draw, input devices
  • Multimedia: Kino, Audacity
  • Development: Java, Perl, Python, PHP, Mono
  • Server-side: Samba, Apache, Postfix/Exim/Qmail, server installation
  • Networking: routers, wireless, home networks
  • Hardware: general troubleshooting, video drivers, DVD support, audio devices
  • Games: the usual suspects


This is the list: add yourself and a list of things you think you could help out with. Your strong suits first, and stuff you're weaker in but still potentially approachable on in italics after. (Italics are two single quotes either side, in Wiki-world.)

  • Bryce:, Gimp, Python, HTML, Perl, Inkscape
  • Bruce:, Gimp, Apache(LAMP), ioq3-based games, Kino, stellarium, VirtualboxOSE, dvdcss2 and related tools, non-free drivers for hardware support.
  • Rod:, Thunderbird,Firefox, LyX, Help with installing, Answering general queries about migrating from Windows.
  • Michael:, Gimp, Stellarium, Scribus. Will have an Acer One running Linpus.
  • John: Graphics, Server stuff, Multimedia (vlc, mplayer) will talk about blender and have a stack of bigbuckbunny dvd's to give out. Also working on Scribus presentation. Could use a decent pc to present on if one's available. (need blender, vlc installed at least.)
  • Liz: Desktops, Servers-side, Development, Internet, Pretty all round knowledge. I can bring an EEE with Ubuntu. (Can help out until morning until 1pm)
  • Ronnie: Installing, firefox, wireless, home networks, audio and video drivers/devices dvd playback. Can also bring one gentoo laptop (if anyone intersted)
  • Lawrence, bringing another Eee, can probably help with installations
  • Graham: especially future developments, OpenSuSE Desktop, LTSP, Migration and Change management, Training and end-user certification.
  • MattJ: Multimedia, Networking; bringing multitrack audio/MIDI system
  • Chris: Kubuntu, LAMP, QuantaPlus?, Kile, Latex, Gimp, A little bit of PyQT, Skype & Wengophone
  • Mac: Installing, Ubuntu, myth tv, freeview & linux, motion (security cameras), python & web services, n800, bluetooth & 3g, raid, virtualbox OSE.