James' place 31 Aberfoyle Street. 7:30

  1. Opened 19:45

    1. Present: LizQuilty, BruceKingsbury, RodAldridge, JamesPluck
    2. Apology: JohnBillings
    3. Absent: ChrisOHalloran, BryceUtting
  2. Previous Minutes

    1. Accepted (moved: BruceKingsbury seconded: LizQuilty)
  3. Treasurers report

    1. (Treasurer at Linux Conf. No report)
  4. Correspondence

    1. Nil
  5. Matters

    1. room bookings for 2009. Some restrictions this year due to reduced funding in CS, we can only use rooms that CS get for free..

      1. BruceKingsbury to discuss options with Sally-JoCunningham? around access to the CompSci? department's available rooms.
    2. IdeasForFutureMeetings - If Sunday falls through (Editor: Fell Through - past Tense) I think Graham owes us a presentation. ;-) Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) perhaps, or migrating businesses from 'doze to 'nix

      1. LizQuilty to talk to Aaron (WAND Group) about giving a presentation on some of their latest "Ooo Shiny" projects.
      2. LizQuilty also suggested talking to local businesses and getting them to talk to WLUG about how they use Linux/FOSS in their businesses. This will give a twofold bonus - The business will get to promote itself to a receptive audience in their target market and WLUG gets some interesting speakers. (BruceKingsbury suggested we also ask said businesses if they would like to book a table at SFD).
      3. RodAldridge would like to see a presentation on virtualisation.
      4. Android - What is it? How does it work? What is it good for? Is it worth it.
      5. Zen
      6. Section 92A - Copyright Act - How does this affect FOSS, Linux and your average computer user. BruceKingsbury to approach AlexKing? to see if he is willing to help with this topic.
      7. Cloud computing and the battle for the next user interface.
  6. Server status

    1. undoing's pagerank dilution without upsetting anyone or breaking existing links and bookmarks. Can we wrap the content in a frame so google sees wlug as the source and is still in the address bar? redirect? something else?

      1. LizQuilty suggested The use of a frame with the content of the frame containing a redirect to the equivalent address should work well. LizQuilty to discuss solution with PerryLorier
  7. General business

    1. No new business raised.
  8. Meeting closed at 20:45

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