Previous meeting: CommitteeMeetingTopics.2009-03-30 CommitteeMeetingTopicsJames?' place 31 Aberfoyle Street. 7:30

  1. Opened 19:45

    1. Present: LizQuilty, BruceKingsbury, RodAldridge, JamesPluck, ChrisOHalloran, BryceUtting, JohnBillings
  2. Previous Minutes

    1. Accepted (moved: JamesPluck seconded: LizQuilty)
  3. Treasurers report

    1. $1015 Balance
  4. Correspondence

    1. 3 membership forms submitted
  5. General business

    1. Server Status

The servers will need to be upgraded to Debian Lenny. Who controls the DNS?

    1. Upcoming Presentations

Kete, digital archiving Smita Biswas - Rae McCormick? April 27th To invite speaker/developer and pay some costs BryceUtting LizQuilty

Intro to Linux/Open Office workshops: JohnBillings and BruceKingsbury

Bruce working on OpenOffice training and possibly Intro to Linux later on, John and Liz would offer support

    1. Lightwire

Metacafe as option for uploading evening presentation. Gives users outside the club the presentation. Links both ways could lead to advertising revenue.

Silverstripe all an option. LizQuilty

Cameras from the Wand group. BryceUtting

General consensus was that an access point would be good

    1. O'Reilly Books

Promoting books for reviews

    1. JohnBillings looking to host a show on community radio, focusing on Creative Commons. Initial discussion about wlug sponsorship

Motion to donate $20 to Methodist centre JamesPluck:BryceUtting

  1. Thank you letters

General intention to send thank you letters and a nominal gift ($20) to each presenter. Janet Leggett Thank you letter. ChrisOHalloran. Donate to 2020

  1. WlugSurvey recommendation

link to WlugSurvey

    1. No new business raised.
  1. Meeting closed at 21:00

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