Starting in 2005, the WaikatoLinuxUsersGroup held an annual pre-AGM survey, to solicit the mood of its members.

The winner of the prize draw for a $100 DickSmith Electronics voucher was Jon Purvis.

We've held our annual survey every year after 2005, except for any of those years.

Are names recorded?. If yes that may make people uncomfortable with being completely honest, which is really the point.

I'm happy for the survey to be anonymous, if that makes people happier to answer it.

Would it be possible to install (or similar software, wiki plugin perhaps?) and conduct the survey online? I'd greatly prefer this to using a site such as surveymonkey. -- zcat

Proposed 2009 Survey

Section 1: Membership

1. Are you a paid member of the Waikato Linux Users Group? (yes/no)

2(y). Do you feel you have received value for money from your membership fee? 2(n). Why not?

3. I feel the cost of WLUG membership, $20/year, is
(too low, just right, too high)

4. Do you feel we clearly communicate the benefits of membership, and how to sign up?

5. How could we make this better?

6. Do you have an account on Hoiho, the WLUG server (used for either shell access, web hosting or an email account at

7. What do you use it for?

8. Have you borrowed a book from our library?

Section 2: Mailing list and wiki

1. Are you subscribed to the WLUG mailing list?

1(y). Please give your comments on the mailing list: Do you think it is a useful tool? Have you had a problem solved? Are you comfortable with asking for help on the list? Do you think the geographical density is suitable? 1(n). Could we make it more relevant for you?

2. Have you used the WLUG Wiki?

3. Have you contributed content to the wiki? 3(n). Why not? Is there anything we could do to make your contribution easier?

4. Do you think that the web site makes information easily accessible? Can you find meeting information easily? What would you change?

Section 3: Meetings and events

1. Have you been to a WLUG meeting or Saturday workshop in the last year? (none, Monday night presentation, Saturday Workshop, both)

2(y). Did you enjoy it? 2(n). Why not?

3. Do you have any comments or suggestions based on this years meetings?

4. What is your overall impression of WLUG meetings, including topics, dates/times and location?

5. How often do you think meetings should be held?

6. Please comment on the balance of meetings (internal speakers vs. external speakers vs. bring a box etc)

7. Is there anyone you would like to see present a meeting, or any topics you would like covered?

8. Did you attend the 2009 Software Freedom Day event?

8(n). Why not? (didn't hear about it, couldn't make it, didn't feel qualified to contribute anything, didn't think it was relevant, other)

8(y). What would you classify yourself as having gone as? (visitor, helper, organiser, other)

9. What was your impression of the organisation of the event/your impression of society based on SFD2009?

10. Would you be interested in being involved in SFD next year?

11. Would you attend a regular social event, such as a monthly Thursday Night Curry or a gettogether in a cafe/bar environment?

12. Have you ever been to a WLUG end of year barbeque? 12(y). Any comments?

13. Would you be interested in attending a WLUG BBQ at the end of 2009?

Section 4: Who are our members?

1. Are you employed (or self employed) to work with Linux/open source software?

2. How many years have you been using Linux or other Open Source Unices for?

3. How would you rate your proficiency with your Linux/OS Unix of choice? (1 low, 5 high) Maybe include a guide to make comparisson easier, ie 1. I can install Ubuntu, 4, I can use the command line when I need to etc

4. How many computers do you administer in your household?

5. What OS/distribution do you primarily run?

6. What Free or OSS applications do you regularly use?

7. What OS/distribution do you recommend to non computer expert friends, and why?

8. Are you a member of? NZLUG, NZOSS, NZCS, others?

9. Are you on any of the mailing lists for? NZLUG, NZOSS, NZCS, NZNOG, others?

Section 5: WLUG executive

1. Do you feel we are meeting our goals with regard to the charter?

2. In the last year, have you read the minutes of a committee meeting?

3. Do you think the committee have effectively represented the interests of the WLUG members?

4. Would you be interested in standing for election for the 2010 committee?