1. Previous Minutes

Approved. Moved by John seconded Rod

  1. Treasurers report
  2. Correspondence
  3. Matters
  4. Server status
  5. General business

    1. BBQ
    2. Committee Meeting location

  • Meeting opened 19:46

Present BruceKingsbury, RodAldridge, JohnBillings, LizQuilty, JamesPluck

RodAldridge can check mail at Uni, once a weekish

New biz

  • Server management

Databases? Membership, Library.

Need to keep date members joined for Incorporation legal requirements; currently not doing that.

Want a sql database which more people are familiar with, in conjunction with ldap data.

JamesPluck, LizQuilty looking into new database.

JohnBillings will look at ldap, and what can be done there. There was a lot of work/engineering done there (manages shell accounts etc - Thank you DanielLawson for recent work) need to document or find the docs.

  • Changeover of Committee

JamesPluck will submit report to Ministry of Internal Affairs (?). Tell new committee members, send minutes of agm, change signatories etc. etc.

12:30 Fri meet and do bank thing treasurers hand over

  • Bar-B-Q

LizQuilty offers her place in Cambridge. We like this idea. $150 budget approved (moved JamesPluck, second JohnBillings) What date? December 6th

  • Relay for Life

Field a wlug team (Easter) Use the Penguin suit. JamesPluck will organize. Need 20ish volunteers.

  • Make business cards

Useful in promoting the WLUG at grass-roots level. Can be made available to members to hand out. Suggested slogan "Supporting FOSS in the Waikato", web address.

  • Raising public profile of the WLUG

We are open to suggestions.

  • Canturbury LUG using WLUG wiki but with CLUG branding

Not happy with sharing wiki content. Wasn't approved by committee before being actioned; Multiple URL's to single page of content dilutes web presence, lowers Google PageRank?. Happy to offer hosting to other LUG's but can't use multiple domains referencing same content - appears to Google as duplicate content. Our members deserve credit for content they have created. Bruce will talk to Perry.

Anything that affects WLUG or the WLUG profile needs to be approved by the committee.

  • Meeting Closed at 21:15.