Location: Linz's place (3 John-Webb Drive)

  1. Previous Minutes
  2. Treasurers report
  3. Correspondence
  4. Matters

    • Sign up for SFD, what quantity of supplies do we require?
    • Contact Canonical and get 8.04 CD order underway. (Bruce has put in an order for 100 freebies from shipit, only 10 approved.. we can order stamped cds or but a few spools of blanks and burn our own..)
    • Bruce and Lindsay to discuss with BP Tech use of a number of machines for SFD display. We're also offering a preconfigured install of Ubuntu that they can clone on their BP-tech special machines which are currently being sold 'without Operating System'
    • Bryce Utting nominated as 'temporary committee member' to replace Simon, as allowed for in the constitution.. no SGM required (it's a lot of hassle for a minor committee position and also Bruce forgot to announce one..) Approved by email vote, but should probably be recorded in some minutes somewhere.
    • Fund raising.. bank balance is distressingly low. Bruce intends to remind members to pay fees at next meeting. We should send out 'reminder' emails to all members. I thought we already did? Is there anything else we could do to raise funds? Trust applications?
  5. Server(s) status

    • hoiho - New hard drive required. About $80. Daniel will install in a couple of weeks when he's next at the datacentre.
    • kororaa - Bruce needs to write an email to FX networks and see if we can get rackspace and a few IP addresses.
  6. General business

Meeting Minutes

Held at 3 John Webb Drive (8.10pm - 9.20pm)


Not Present:RodAldridge,JamesPluck

The previous minutes were inspected and agreed as correct


Moved LindsayDruett; seconded BruceKingsbury: To approve the minutes as of the 17/03/2008. Carried


No correspondence had been received

Treasurers Report.

  • As the treasurer was not present, no report was submitted.

Matters Arising.

  • None

General Business

Software Freedom Day 20th Sept

  • Discussions surrounding proposed CD distribution

    Intend to order 100 CD: 75 for i386 and 25 for AMD64

  • Library Display

    The library has been booked for a display in the 2 week prior to Sept 20th

  • PB Tech

    Intend to approach PB Tech for the loan of 6-8 machines to demonstration purposes

  • Installfest Gateway

    Gateway Christian Centre on Victoria St is booked for an InstallFest. Cost $150

  • Promotional Art BryceUtting has nominated and accepted to create artwork for posters and fliers in A3 and A4 formate promoting Software Freedom Day, Linux and Wlug installfest.


BruceKingsbury has agreed to approach previous committee members with access to the membership register on hoiho in order to establish the present status of the club membership and in conjunction with JamesPluck, email a reminder notice to present and past members and invite them to update their status and pay their membership dues. (update: JamesPluck has an extract from Hoiho of all currently known members and whether they have current or expired subscriptions. Working on a list to email out reminder notices for this year. -- JamesPluck)

20/20 Trust - Ted Zorn

BruceKingsbury intends to contact Ted about WLUG and the computers in homes project (Update; had a good talk, working on making ingots-based IT training available to community groups through St Paul's Methodist Centre to support the use of Free alternatives such as OOo, and 2020 trust are very interested in pursuing a FreeGeek-style reuse/recycling program)

Server Status

  • Hoiho

One of the hard drives on hoiho is reporting failures

Moved BruceKingsbury;seconded LindsayDruett:To approve the purchase, if neccessary of a replacement hard drive for hoiho. Carried (Update: 120 Gb HDD purchased - $99 incl GST from PB Tech -- JamesPluck)

  • Kororaa

BruceKingsbury intends to contact JamieBaddeley? about securing some rack space in the Government Life Building and ask for some ip addresses to allow Korora to function as a back up server and general play server for learning and experimentation. (update; probably not going to happen - Bruce)

Postal Address

ChrisOhalloran reported that a PO Box was $115 per annum. The committee felt that in view of low volume of mail, perhaps a better/cheaper postal address might be within the Waikato University Computer Science Department. BruceKingsbury intends to contact TonyMcGregor, Dean on Computer Science (sent an email, no reply yet)

Embroided T Shirts

JohnBillings agreed to investigate the price of embroided T Shirts for promotional material for WLUG

Future Meeting Topics

LindsayDruett intends to confirm Mark Williams of Linksys to speak on their linux based products for the June Meeting.

Next Meeting