7:30 pm, Mon 15th October. Compiled by Simon, as Chris was absent.

Venue: LindsayDruett's place (3 John-Webb Drive)

Meeting opened: 7:35pm

Present: BruceKingsbury, RodAldridge, LindsayDruett, SimonGreen, JohnBillings

Apologies: JamesPluck, ChrisOhalloran

Previous Minutes moved by SimonGreen seconded by BruceKingsbury

Treasurers report

No Treasurers report available, as James sent his apologies. Generally speaking, we received some memberships fees at our AGM, and had expenses for our Installfest and accommodation for Bruce and his wife at the awards in Wellington (for this Wednesday and Thursday)


No Correspondence has been received.


  • Well run, successful
  • Lessons learned:

    • Get networking running before Installfest
    • Publicity - earlier to include press, more mail fliers
    • Get feedback from visitors, e.g. find out how they learned about the Installfest
  • Next year: give out live CD on SFD, and have installfest shortly afterwards
  • It is agreed that there is more awareness of Linux and F/OSS software
  • ... but a reluctance of 'no support' especially in server installations

The three general committee members have each been given a job to do:

BruceKingsbury is going to look into start a local Freegeek group, with advice and guidance from JohnBillings who has been involved in setting up similar groups in Chicago and South Bend, Indiana. The general concept is to recycle old hardware, install Linux, and donate to community groups. It is anticipated that the actual work will be done by enthusiastic young people (suggested year 13 students). This will provide them with hands on experience and allow them to volunteer time to a good cause.

Rod is going to work with outreaching WLUG to other groups.

Simon is going to continue with membership and server management. He will also be the backup librarian / coffee boy if James cannot make it to a meeting.


Penguin costume

After successful uses of tux at the Rugby and SFD, it was decided to have Tux make a visit to various places on a monthly basis. The committee voted 5 - 0 to buy the costume.

New blade server

Craig is waiting for the Canterbury DHB to officialy write the machine off. James is continuing to obtain shipping quotes to get the server from Chch to Hamilton.


The next workshop will be at the usual location (Te Whanau PÅ«tahi). The committee have agreed in principle to provide a koha for the use of facilities and towards the cost of Internet. No discussion was held on the exact amount.

James and Bruce are presenting this months meeting on gaming in Linux. It's in a fortnight due to next Monday been Labour Day. The next committee meeting will be at Lindsay's place on November 19th