7:30 pm Aug 20 at LindsayDruett's place, 3 John Webb Drive

Present: IanMcDonald, BruceKingsbury, RodAldridge, LindsayDruett, CairoKingsbury Apologies: SimonGreen, JamesPluck, ChrisOhalloran

Previous minutes approved: Ian / Lindsay

Treasurers report: The treasurer is absent.

Workshops: Last one went well, two new people, one as a result of maildrop. Tux suit was hired the weekend before, and Cairo wandered around town telling random people about linux and handing out flyers. We should try to do this the Friday afternoon before every workshop, and get people used to seeing Tux the Penguin wandering around Hamilton.

Next workshop: Linz to find out about using Gateway. Other options are Hamilton East (Rod) or Oxford St. Te Whanau PÅ«tahi (Bruce)

AGM: Voting to be conducted by FPP. Anyone who wishes to propose STV or other forms of proportional voting must also provide the means of tabulation. There will be a small change to the constitution clarifying who may sign cheques, which Ian is drafting. This will be posted and discussed somewhere on the Wiki well before the AGM.

Next meeting: David Young on WIFI security September: AGM October: ? November: ? February: Amazon Web Services. Bruce suggests more 'political' topics, as presentations by Rodney Hide and Nandor Tanczos drew a lot of outside interest the last time around. There are elections coming up too..

Server: Is running fine. Ian noted that we had three disks giving errors in the past and two had been replaced. He wondered as to state of other one that hasn't been replaced.

SFD: Installfest at the Gateway venue. Lindsay to arrange this.

Meeting closed 8:55

Next Meeting at Ian's, Sept 17