One of the things that WlugIncorporated offers as an incentive for membership is an account on an InterNet hosted machine. This machine is called Hoiho (named after NewZealand's YellowEyedPenguin) and is available at It is one of five blade servers that the WLUG runs. See the JoinWlug page for information on how to become a paid-up member.

What it does for you

  • Allows Shell access to (Check that the SSH host key matches).
  • Give you personal webspace - ie serve your files in

The other blades:

How to get Shell Access

If you are a paid member of WLUG then you are eligible for a Shell account on this machine. Access is only via SSH, and you will need to let us know your PublicKey so it can be installed.

If you didn't specify a username and password when you joined, you will need to send an Email to secretary at Include either a PGP signed SSH PublicKey ($HOME/.ssh/ as an attachment, or a request to be phoned on the number you provided on your membership form. We can then assign you a password for WebMail, which you can then use to Email us a key.

If you don't know about SSHKeys, please read the SSHKeys page. It explains how to create one. We do not accept password authentication because of the large number of attempts to brute-force passwords.

Please see HoihoAcceptableUsePolicy for what you can and can't do with this machine.

Changing your password

Where is it hosted

orcon_logo.gif Orcon Internet - please support our sponsors!

Possible future services

  • DNS hosting (or secondary-ing) for WLUG members - could be slaved off a stealth primary on the MetaNet
  • Does anyone want WLUG to run CVS/SubVersion and related tools for WLUG members?

Previous incarnations

Until August 2006, Hoiho was run on, and with thanks to:

 Hardware   Donor 
 Dual Celeron 400, ABIT BP 6 motherboard, 128MB RAM   Tim Shen 
 256MB RAM   CraigMckenna 
 S3 AGP video card   AndrewThrift 
 ATX Case and PSU   JamieCurtis 
 80GB HDD   DanielLawson 
 old 20GB HDD, 3Com NIC   KyleCarter