If you have any ideas or random thoughts about anything relating to what we could or should do regarding the WlugServer, please feel free to note them here.

  • Migrate to MediaWiki:

    • Neat extensions
    • Popular and actively maintained
    • Crazy insane work to migrate probably
    • MediaWiki markup blows chunks (love the rational, well thought out criticism there. I prefer it to this wiki's markup, and preferences aside, more people use it)

  • Install RoundCube
  • Use alternate SSH port?
  • Ticket system to track wishlist/bugs
  • Designate user support contact every year? SysAdmin role
  • Check if bot traffic is controlled properly
  • Set up backup server, testing/DevEnvironment (John is working on)
  • Configure slave zoning for WLUG members?
  • Abandon mail services altogether (except for committee members/grandfathered in people)