1 Minutes of previous meeting

  • approved Ian / Chris

2 Matters arising


3 Correspondence

4 bank statements

4 Treasurers report

Paid out $254.25 HDD for server, $133.06 for BBQ.

Received from Google $215.74

Opening balance $1497.52, Closing balance $1325.95, Petty cash $108

5 Topics for 2007 meetings

Next meeting is 22nd not 29th.

Jan 22 - Cairo presents a dual-boot WinXP/Edgy install

Feb 26 - MSFT discusses the Novell deal

We will try and book more outside speakers. Discussed a number of people we should contact. Suggested speakers were OpenOffice, Firefox, Sun (Solaris/Java), RedHat, Craig Neville-Manning (coming to Hamilton in April), Richard Lummis (VoIP), John O'Donoghue (LiteUp), doing backups in Linux, look at Auckland LUG speakers.

6 Public advocacy events

Focus on business - Which members already have industry contacts?

Workshops - Went very well last year apart from limited space and bandwidth

Bruce would like Bigger location, Better connection (deal with PlaNet??) and/or local apt cache. Commitment from members to improve the guru:newb ratio. Bruce and Lindsay working on this.

September: Big advocacy push in conjunction with SFD.

SFD display, followed by install/postinstall/howtofix presentation, followed by installfest/fixfest

7 General Business

Orcon - Bruce to email Craig Whitmore with new address (PO Box 21051 zip 3249)

IT Partners - Bruce to write letter of thanks for projector.

  • Bruce blames Christmas break for slackness. Seconded by several others.

Meeting closed 8:40

Next committee meeting was going to be at Simon's but has been moved to James's place, 31 Aberfoyle Street 7:30 Feb 19th