Committee meeting 7:30pm at James's, 31 Aberfoyle Street

Meeting opened 7:40, attended by all comittee members

1) Minutes

Amended, prev. Prev minutes were approved by Ian/Simon, not Ian/Chris. Accepted with amendment, Ian/Chris.

2) Matters Arising

We've recieved a complain about behaviour on the mailing list (re: distro war and personal comments). The matter was addressed offlist at the time by Lindsay and the comittee are satisfied that no further action is necessary.

The WLUG Library has been collected from I.T Partners by James and is now stored in plastic bins for easy transport. These cost $49.50 from petty cash.

3) Correspondence

Bruce has written a letter thanking IT Partners for the projector and loan of equipment for Software Freedom Day. To be discussed on the comittee mailing list, and printed by someone who's printer doesn't leave black streaks on every page...

4) Treasurers report

Petty cash $43.60

Google income $161.75

Current balance $1490

5) Library moved. See matters.

James will clarify with publishers what our responsibilities are in reviewing books, and how many we can ask for.

6) Membership form & website update for new addresses

Being dealt with by Simon, as soon as Craig sorts out the appropriate access.

7) General business

Future meetings

Feb 26 - Brett Roberts

March 26 - Shane Hobson from Lightup - We've asked that this be a technical discussion, not a sales pitch.

April 11 - Google, Craig Neville Manning

May - Lindsay on Asterisk / Trixbox, VoIP.

Thursday night curry - Ian will quietly promote WLUG events through TNC mailing list.


Drive still not replaced.

Still chasing Jamie about extra cert for mail server

Backups; check Perry, etc. has backup of wiki mods, and we need to be consistent about making backups of the database (Bruce will set up a cron job sometime)

Should we buy the penguin suit? Cost of hiring us $15 each time, or we can buy it for $150. To be discussed on list.

Saturday workshop needs a venue. Lindsay is investigating Gateway.

Meeting closed 8:50

Next meeting Lindsay's, 3 John Webb Drive, 19 March 7:30