Nick: Criggie

I live in Christchurch, but don't hold that against me! I am a member of CLUG I host and administer horse, which is similar to the WlugServer but for CLUG. The hardware is a KVM virtual machine which connects to the net via a pfsense firewall over vlans.

My home server and email The network is documented at

My laptop was a Compaq Concerto pen-based 486 laptop, then a Toshiba Tecra 530 CDT, then a Toshiba Satellite 4030 CDT, and for a long time was a Dell Latitude L400. Sold that when I got a work-supplied laptop, a HP/Compaq NX9000 from the TELA teachers scheme. Then I left that job and have been without for two years. All ran Linux with various wireless cards. Then the missus buys me an Asus? EEE 901. Damn its good (so is she.)

Please go look at GarageSale to see what stuff I need and want, or have and don't want. There's another list at

I also read WebComics, work at where I do linux server support and maintenance, VPN admin, general network troubleshooting, and drink coffee while looking outside at hookers. Other people here do Cisco, Juniper stuff and Point of Sale stuff. We don't do windows.

Points of view with regard to Religious Wars

  • Vim over Emacs - used to use emacs at uni, but vi is smaller.
  • Intel CPUs over AMD - you just don't see as many old AMDs as you do intel CPUs.
  • KDE or GNOME both suck - use TWM
  • ReplyToMunging over NoReplyToMunging
  • Linux vs Windows - whatever works for the task at hand.
  • AppleMacintosh vs x86 - as above.
  • DebianLinux over RedHat / YourLinuxDistributionOfChoice - deb breaks less than rpm. But I work with rpm distros.
  • ShellScripts? over Perl/C/C++/Java/Python.
  • Apples over Oranges - they squirt less.


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