A computer made by AppleCorporation and well known for its ease of use. They say this is a computer everyone is passionate about – they're either haters or lovers.

Haters dislike it for its Proprietary Hardware and Software. The previous line of its operating system, MacOS up to version 9, led to a Backronym for MACINTOSH being coined as Machine Always Crashes, If Not, The Operating System Hangs. One of its variations is named the Emac – that's just wrong. Not least among the reasons that it annoys haters is the demeanour of MacFanatics.

Apple unsuccessfully tried to replace the old MacOS several times; first Copland, which was supposed to substitute for version 8, then Gershwin, which was supposed to substitute for version 9. Finally, after SteveJobs' return, they succeeded with Rhapsody, which became MacOSX. A lot of old issues were largely improved by this.

Unlike earlier attempts, MacOSX was not a from-scratch effort. It is an amalgamate of several pre-existing technologies, one of them being a mostly-FreeBSD UserSpace. So while you may be going spare with a one button mouse you can open a terminal and use the shell just like under Unix. All your old favourite commands are there, cat, ls, cd, tail, sed, perl, etc – it's like a $HOME away from $HOME.

The AppleMacintosh has run on a variety of processors: originally 680x0, later PPC, now Intel.

Compare WinTel.