Also Known as the PC.

The term Personal Computer is most commonly used in reference to the IBM PC. However it is a fairly general term and can be used when referring to any computer a single individual might use interactivly. This includes AppleMacintosh's but don't tell a Mac Zealot that.

The PC was created in response to the limitations of MainFrame and MiniComputer?s which were historically used by many people at the same time but cost millions of dollars. The first IBM PC on the other hand only cost about $10,000.

The first IBM PC was a powerful beast. It had all of 256 KiloBytes of RAM, two 5.25" 320KB floppy disks, and a monocrome monitor that could only display text.

There also exists a "Hamilton Computer Club" which meet on the second Wednesday of each month. They mostly deal with MicrosoftWindows (IE 90% of their meetings deal with viruses, spyware, and defragging your harddrive), although BruceKingsbury and RodAldridge have managed to infiltrate their meetings and are in the process of introducing them to FreeSoftware via KiaoraCD and TheOpenCD collections.