HyperTalk - Bill Atkinson and Dan Winkler. A verbose semi compiled ProgrammingLanguage with loose syntax and high readability. Relies on HyperCard? as an object management system, development environment, and interface builder. Programs are organized into "stacks" of "cards", each of which may have "buttons" and "fields". All data storage is in zero-terminated strings in fields, local, or global variables; all data references are through "chunk expressions" of the form last item of background field "Name List" of card ID 34217'. Flow of control is event-driven and message-passgin among scripts that are attached to stack, background, card, field and button objects. "AppleMacintosh HyperCard? User Guide", Apple Computer 1987. "HyperTalk Language Reference Manual", A-W 1988. Available from Claris Corp.