Information about me.

On UnderNet IRC I am known as AlphaQ or Alpha_Q, I hang in #nzadsl.

In 2003 I was employeed by Asterisk in Auckland, note that is Asterisk the company not Asterisk the PABX as a Support Engineer. While there I was in charge of all things MicrosoftWindows and also some things Linux.

My primary skill set is MicrosoftWindows (2000,2003,XP), MicrosoftExchange and Citrix, I am also often employed as an Application Packager for MicrosoftWindows Plateforms.

Points to note in my life:

  • 1978 - Born - Yes that makes me 29
  • 1986 - Lived in the Chatham Islands, man that place is Backward
  • 1995 - University of Canterbury doing a BEng
  • 1998 - Joined Royal New Zealand Navy
  • 2001 - Left the Navy - Wasn't really my thing (I did get to travel to like 25 countries)
  • 2002 - Met my Partner Jo :-)
  • 2003 - Got engaged to $Partner
  • 2004 - Baby Daughter Born 16/09/04
  • 2007 - Updated this page

Points of view with regard to ReligiousWars

If I have not listed them above it is because I don't have a feeling either way.

Points with regards to wikiing stuff

I have some stuff I have been meaning to Wiki for some time, however personal reasons (see 2003 and 2004 above) have meant my computer time is very low at the moment and work frowns on me surfing.

A big fan of YouCanNeverPreviewEnoughTimes

Topics I am planning on Wikiing

  • Citrix Done 10/04/04
  • Ctx Vservers
  • Bacula Done 24/06/04
  • Xandros (the distro)
  • Proftp (stunned it is not there already)
  • Irssi Done 20/08/05

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