Compaq is a computer company. They are the people that invented the IBM Compatible (clone) PC. They were bought by HP in 2003.

Compaq's lineage of machines:

  • Presarios are "Home quality" desktops/laptops. That is, shit.
  • Deskpro is the business line of desktops, ending around the P233.
  • Evo are the Business line of laptops.
  • Proliant/Prosignia are servers, with weird boards generally, but lots of GO.

Linux on lots of Compaq laptops has lots of service packs (called !RomPaqs?) was CraigFalconer's Compaq Concerto.

BIOS access on a Compaq - Press F10 repeatedly when the block cursor appears in the top right corner of the screen. Normally about the point where the machine beeps twice. A good proportion of the Compaq machines have their system software stored in a "diagnostics" partition, which is often sized from 500 kilobytes to 10 or 20 megabytes, and is positioned at the front of the first hard drive, but is partition 3, aka /dev/hda3. You can download these files from (somewhere)