WLUG Meeting Minutes
22 June 2006

Meeting open at 7:44pm.

Present: DavidHallett, CraigBox, LindsayDruett, IanMcDonald, PerryLorier
Apologies: MatthiasDallmeier
Absent: GianPerrone

1. Minutes from previous meeting

Moved: DavidHallett
Seconded: PerryLorier

Motion carried

2. Matters arising


3. Correspondence

Google AdWords cheque has arrived. Further payment will be made directly to our bank account.

4. Treasurers' report

Craig Mckenna has not yet provided adequate information to prepare a 2004-2005 financial statement. Craig Box will lean on him again and this will be resolved by the next meeting.

5. Server

The WLUG committee wish to thank CraigFalconer from CLUG, who has donated us an Alcatel Omnistack 4024 switch for our new hosting server.

The server is currently in Auckland with MattBrown, and should be installed and running within the next week.

Orcon are happy to continue hosting but were concerned about the power draw. We need more IP addresses, which should not be a problem.

We wish to get good utilization out of the server, so when it is online, we will offer other members and other suitable community groups hosting on our Hoiho blade. WLUG membership is a condition of use of this blade, but the committee may look at sponsoring the membership of people with interesting content to host.

6. Banner

WLUG's new promotional banner has arrived and looks great.

7. Advocacy events

The committee is going to arrange a public advocacy event on Software Freedom Day this year. Our basic idea is get some space in a well foot-trafficked area, such as Centreplace; display our banner, have some CDs, posters, a couple of computers to show off, stickers to hand out, etc.

Craig will co-ordinate this event.

David will co-ordinate the business event - to talk to Craig on Friday; possible venues, SkyCity convention room; possibly early August.

The installfest should happen after the SFD promotion; Lindsay is investigating the availability of the community hall on Tomin Rd in Glenview, or the Gateway Centre on Victoria St.

Dates for all three events should be booked by Thu 29th.

Craig will post to the WLUG list to assemble a team for the SFD event.

8. General business

Greig expressed interest in maintaining a weekly or monthly newsletter for local businesses. It is possible that this could be done nationally via the NZOSS, and then distributed by the LUGs.

Saturday Workshops are working well; although they are still not attractive expert helpers.

Co-ordinating events on the wlug-committee mailing list seems to be lacking interest of late; we will try and start assigning dates to priorities so we can move things forward more rapidly than once a month.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm