WLUG AGM 2013 Minutes


Meeting opened at 7.30pm with quorum of at least 5.

Approval of previous minutes

Peter moved, Roderick seconded that the minutes of the previous AGM be accepted.

Review of membership fee

Rene preposed, Mike seconded that the membership remain at $20 per annum.

Appointment of auditor

Mike moved, Chris seconded that no auditor be appointed for the 2013 year.

President's Report

WLUG has been relatively quiet in the past few years, has been mostly a social club, if anyone has wanted to present it has been relatively open, not just Linux but all Open Source/FLOSS. Projects for the year included getting financial records sorted, updating the charter.

Thanks to RimuHosting for their continued support for hosting of the WlugServer.

Treasurer's Report

Tony tabled a draft copy of the financial report for 2010-2013. We need to complete the missing information so we can submit to MoBIE the missing years to re-register as an incorporated society. Tony moved, Roderick seconded that Tonys report be accepted. Elroy to look into what is required to re-register with MoBIE.

Adoption of updated charter

Michael has made more extensive changes than had been discussed. Some changes are clarifications, rules around society doing things outside of the goals of the charter, changing the committee size, ajourning meetings which do not meet a quorum, added objects around options to rent premises, clarifications around memberships; quorums and meetings, adding items from updated charter on wiki which were never submitted to MoBIE.

Michael moved that the draft with the amendments discussed be accepted and signed by 3 members once the incorporated society has been re-instated. Peter seconded.

Election of 2014 Committee

Thanks to the 2013 committee, especially Peter for your work during the year.

General business

Michael moved that the registered office be the Computer Science Dept, Waikato University. Rene mentioned and Tony agreed that electronic transactions be preferred but not mandatory. Rene to update membership form - username no longer required.

Meeting closed 8.50pm

Consumption of pizza