When the WlugCommittee changes (or financial year changes) a number of steps need to happen.

IRD (Inland Revenue Department)

  • Contact IRD and advise them of the change of officers so that the new committee can talk to them. This can be done over the phone, James and Bruce are listed, Chris and John need to be added. They asked for a contact number. (To do for 2011, John filed form IR597 in progress)
  • Advise IRD of postal address change if necessary. (not needed)
  • File the annual accounts with them (post approval at AGM - only needed if over $1000 revenue from outside membership). (Not needed for 2011)

ASB (Auckland Savings Bank)

  • Get signatories changed. (todo for 2011) (John & Bruce can sign)
  • Change postal address details if needed. (Address is current 2011)
  • Account details are in Treasurer's box.

MED (Ministry of Economic Development)

  • File the annual accounts with them (post approval at AGM). This can be done electronically. (2011 done)
  • Update contact details of officers (to do 2011)
  • Update address if necessary. (need to check 2011)

Orcon (

  • Update postal address details if needed (To do?)

Our server (WlugServer)

  • Expire all members (todo 2011)
  • Renew all newly paid members (todo 2011)
  • Send notifications asking for payment to everyone left (to do for 2011)
  • 90 days afterwards, move home directories to /home/expired-members/ (whatever)
  • Change email aliases for secretary, treasurer, president @ on


University of Waikato (

  • Get sponsorship renewal for room from Computer Science head of department (Ronnie Will Do)
  • Get JamieCurtis to renew room booking each month before meeting. See IdeasForFutureMeetings to see when it is booked to. (Last year this was done in booking at the start of the year)

Email list

  • Make sure new members are signed up for the committee mailing list (Done by Chris)