WlugCommittee meeting


  • CommitteeHandover
  • cheque signing rights
  • meeting room problems (last two meetings not possible in meeting room)
  • (further) discussion of Monday night meeting topics
  • further discussion of raspberry pi in school project?
  • SFD? (Ill register just in case, to see if t-shirts are still available etc)


  • at Bruce's place


  • 10am


  • CommitteeHandover: done
  • cheque signing: will get sorted out next week with Ronnie getting ASB form signed by Chris and then faxing it down to Wellington to get John to sign it
  • meeting room problems: instead of having workshops in November/December, we will just have a BBQ around that time (TBA)
  • Raspberry Pi: decision postponed till after Rene's presentation
  • SFD: Rod and Bruce will figure out whether the PC club can move its meeting on the 15/9 to the week before that wlug can hold SFD on that day at Te Whare O Te Ata (Fairfield Chartwell Community House)
  • AGM preparation: Ronnie will figure out what is required in changing the society's charter regarding lifetime memberships
  • future direction of wlug website, member management discussed; ideas: VPS at Rimu, elgg
  • Some discussion of future meeting topics, including Android, btrfs + a couple more. Other suggestions welcomeh