WlugCommittee meeting



  • at Bruce's place


  • 10am

meeting opened 10:17

Minutes of previous meeting: not sure how long ago this was, or where the minutes are.

Discussion about next meeting; Peter discussion mint, Bruce discussing TOR and Tails.

Presenting FOSS to City Councils; Would be good to know where council can get a professional level of commercial support eg IT Partners? We should follow up on this. Once we can get one council in NZ to make a significant adoption of FOSS it should be easier to convince others to follow? Sharing ideas and experience with other advocacy groups. Peter's submission is on his elgg blog.

Raspberry Pi's; still trying to find an interesting educational project.

Committee handover; Chris and Ronnie not present, can't really do any more. But I think we have most items under control.

Where to go with the website; wiki is increasingly unsupportable, and decreasingly useful. Move to some sort of social networking site such as elgg or mahara? we should make a lit of what we need the website to be capable of and then decide what software best fits that list. We also need to consider the future; make sure that whatever we install can be easily maintained, probably something that's installed from a debian package and can simply be apt-get updated and don't customise it to the point where it can't be maintained.

10 years since becoming incorporated, sometime in November? Excuse for a party!!

Go back to putting up posters for when we have topics.

Meeting closed 11:43