CommitteeHandover meeting opened 7:20

IRD: Ronnie to email details to Bruce, Bruce to contact IRD.

ASB: Currently John and Chris? This is complicated. Talked to ASB staff yesterday, if one current signatory asks, a list of current signatories can be provided, adding a new person requires 2 signatures, but ASB will fax most of the form to Wellington for John to sign if needed. --Ronnie

MED: Ronnie to talk to John

Orcon: no longer relevant.

Server stuff: allocated to Peter. Ask Daniel.

Wiki: WlugCommittee Updated

UOW: Peter to talk to Geoff

Future committee meetings to be the week after Monday night meeting.

Raspberry Pi discussion. Yes we do want some. What interesting things can we do with them?

Next SaturdayWorkshop to be held April 14

Committee meeting closed officially 8:20