A number of people expressed interest in a "Saturday Workshop", similar to the meetings currently held by the Hamilton PC Computer Group.

BruceKingsbury answered the call, and since March 2006 we have had a regular monthly get-together, separate from the WLUG Monday night meetings, that invites people to bring their computers and FOSS-related questions together in one place to share knowledge and experience, solve problems, and learn new things.

Each SaturdayWorkshop has its own page which is advertised in the SideBar for a month before; people who would be interested in attending should announce themselves and what they'd like help with on that page. If there are enough people interested in a particular topic, someone from the LUG who is an expert in that area might be able to be leaned on to come and help!

Meetings kick off at 10:30am and are generally held at TeWhanauPutahi - 37 Oxford Street.