Saturday June 6th, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

SaturdayWorkshop at Te Whanau PÅ«tahi, the community church at the end of Oxford Street.

We'll have the usual tables, power, various ISO's, Internet, coffee and light lunch, etc.

Meeting notes

John and Bruce helped Ron fix a stubborn networking problem on an acer laptop, where ndiswrapper was interfering with the eth0 lan interface. At a prior workshop we had disabled ndiswrapper, and configured the ath5k module which supports the wireless adapter in the laptop. It was Acer Apire 5315 iirc. Bruce figured out that the ndiswrapper package needed to be removed and stomped on a few more times. In the process we learned the "lshw -C network" command is useful for troubleshooting these problems.

John helped Leo with a sed script to strip some html and do some search and replace on a large set of files.

A new member signed up, another guy named John, we had 3 Johns at the meeting. The other John had an issue w/ an Ubuntu repository signing key, giving a BADSIG error. We still haven't figured that one out he had to leave before we could really look at it. So far we have compared the keys to one on a working system, and they appear to be the same.

Diter came back and gave us a report on how he had been getting along with the GIMP. He became a member earlier this year, and he borrowed the GIMP Bible for awhile. He seems to be interested in writing some plugins and asked about scheme and other programing languages.

Roderick provided some Sizzlers for lunch, and toward the end of the meeting he and Tony had a look at the latest version of Puppy Linux which JohnBillings had brought in.

Completely forgot about getting the books.