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 SaturdayWorkshop at [Te Whanau PÅ«tahi|], the community church at the end of Oxford Street. 
 We'll have the usual tables, power, various ISO's, Internet, coffee and light lunch, etc. 
+! Meeting notes  
+John and Bruce helped Ron fix a stubborn networking problem on an acer laptop, where ndiswrapper was interfering with the eth0 lan interface. At a prior workshop we had disabled ndiswrapper, and configured the [ath5k|] module which supports the wireless adapter in the laptop. It was Acer Apire 5315 iirc. Bruce figured out that the ndiswrapper package needed to be removed and stomped on a few more times. In the process we learned the "lshw -C network" command is useful for troubleshooting these problems.  
+John helped Leo with a sed script to strip some html and do some search and replace on a large set of files.  
+A new member signed up, another guy named John, we had 3 Johns at the meeting. The other John had an issue w/ an Ubuntu repository signing key, giving a BADSIG error. We still haven't figured that one out he had to leave before we could really look at it. So far we have compared the keys to one on a working system, and they appear to be the same.  
+Diter came back and gave us a report on how he had been getting along with the GIMP. He became a member earlier this year, and he borrowed the GIMP Bible for awhile. He seems to be interested in writing some plugins and asked about [scheme|] and other programing languages.  
+Roderick provided some Sizzlers for lunch, and toward the end of the meeting he and Tony had a look at the latest version of Puppy Linux which JohnBillings had brought in.  
+Completely forgot about getting the books.