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  • Alastair Porter
  • BCMS Hons (First Class), WaikatoUniversity
  • Used to live in Morrinsville and attend Morrinsville College
  • Spent an extra year as a LazyStudent studying towards a BMus at the NZ School of Music
  • Gave up on studying for a while and got a job with Metservice
  • Frequents #wlug with the Nick alastair


  • Have played the Trombone for a great number of years (I'm quite good, you know)
  • Proud recipient of an ATCL (Recital) Diploma
  • I used to play with

    • Waikato Symphony Orchestra
    • Hamilton Big Band (as well as Musical Director)
  • I currently play with

    • Wellington Bone Company


  • I run Ubuntu. GNOME. etc. Desktop Linux is quite nice. You should try it some time.
  • Server Linux is also quite nice, you should try it some time.



  • I used to think that TheWikiIsEvil, however I have since realised the error of my ways.

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