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AndersGreen is a carbonbased bi-ped based in southern Sweden who is known on UnderNet as loucephyr or louie--. He's been seen WarDriving and GeoCaching, and lately he's been out WarWalking much and also known as a rabid user of *BSD and tries to run it on everything with a powercord. The days are spent working at the digital department of Swedens largest portraitphoto-lab petting the servers.

have you tried running it on a toaster? -- AlastairPorter
I have no toaster, and my fryingpan is cordless :) -- AndersGreen


include or included (in no conceiveble order):


  • He's involved in the JWMP project.
  • A prolonged van equiped for wardriving.
  • Find some good use for his other Fujitsu Stylus 3400 pen-computer. The first is visible as tavlan.jpg here.
  • Stationary MP3-player, see Empeethree below.
  • WLAN on the beach with the help of Poor mans wifi.
  • Galleri, a gallery for dummies. Easy upload and generation without effort. Mainly for lanparty attenders to get their pics online.


I now have a Internet uplink to my flat, now i just need some time and determination to sit down and configure my router to deal with MetaNet.


This is a i386 based stationary MP3 player. It runs FreeBSD and has a HTTP-based interface running on thttpd with perl-cgi and MySQL as backend and with pure-ftpd. The box can sometimes be reached at The plan is to realease it under the BSD-license.

Existing features

  • Database contains fields for all ID3v1-tags.
  • Files can be added via HTTP or FTP are automaticly added to the database with their ID3v1 tag expanded.
  • Fast and clean (Quick and dirty) interface.
  • Optionally limited play queue.
  • Fast searching of any field or specific ID3v1 tag.

Planned features

  • Automatic copy of MP3s from inserted data-CDs.
  • Automatic MP3ing (with CDDB or similar) of inserted audio-CDs.

Distant features

  • Automatic mount of nearby shares
  • Connection to FastTrack, Gnutella and OpenFT etc networks for download of files.


Sometimes he enters a state of wikifrenzy where he keeps adding pages until there are no more irritating little questionmark icon. This tend to flood the WLUG:RecentEdits page tho, for wich he's wery sorry.

He has a cat called Sauron who likes to wake him up by lying on him during the night and demanding some attention. The cat called Isa is no more, she never got better. But now there's Selma to keep Sauron company during the days.

Read more at his 'homepage'


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