This Wiki tends to be running towards technical/programming things (mostly thanks to PerryLorier's interest in wikiing them) which is all well and good, but not relevant to everyone. So here's another line of discussion.

Your guide to enjoying Linux or other Free Unices on the desktop.

As Linux evolves, people obviously see it as being a competitor to MicrosoftWindows as an 'every day e-mail web/email/games platform for your mum to use.'. Is it at that point yet? Hopefully this discussion will get you thinking and maybe even running Linux as a day-to-day operating system.

A page on ExcusesNotToRunLinux (and how to get over them) would come in handy here, as would GamingOnLinux. If someone complains that ultra-important application x doesn't run under Linux, have a look at the WineNotes page.

Here are some pages that you can all help out by defining.

This may be a bit technical for this line of discussion, but ConKolivas has made a patchset aimed at improving system responsiveness with emphassis on the desktop environment. See -ckPatchset and also KernelTweaking.