Things to do on the MetaNet

Implement DNSSEC

We need this for secure DNS resolution and key distribution

Implement IPSec

To provide authentication and security over the MetaNet, particularly oppertunistic IPSec requires DNSSEC

IPv6 Support

Configure IPv6 to run over the MetaNet and perhaps investigate obtaining some (real!) IPv6 addresses from somewhere. (Don't forget to support ICMPv6.)

Things to do with the MetaNet code

  • Configure/build
  • Tidy ups:

    • Licensing/CVS tags in all the files
  • Initscripts

    • Init scripts are "complete" for debian.
    • Gentoo ebuild/init scripts are written, but need testing
    • RedHat ones needed. (AlastairPorter has started this)
  • Logging code will currently fail with an assert if an invalid log level is specified in the config file. All the config file options for logging should be sanity checked.
  • autoconf(1) support
  • Makefile should catch error conditions (eg. Bison / Flex not installed) and notify the user of the problem.
  • crash from AlastairPorter

    tuntap_setup () entered...
    Interface is: wan0
    Error binding to control socket: Address already in use
    Failed to create unix domain socket.
    SIOCSIFMTU: No such device
    Device "wan0" does not exist.
    Cannot find device "wan0"
    SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device
    control connect(): No such file or directory
    Didn't write 'GETMAC'/etc/rc.local: line 16:  3966 Segmentation fault \
         /usr/local/sbin/wand -i -l 44444

    Got this after running a script to: kill Etud, wand; load Etud; bring up wan0; load wand.
    Metanet routes were down, but i didn't check to see if Etud, wand were running or not
    Running the script again worked fine