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A number of people expressed interest in a "Saturday Workshop", similar to the meetings currently held by the Hamilton PC Computer Group.

BruceKingsbury answered the call, and since March 2006 we have had a regular monthly get-together, seperate from the WLUG meetings, that invites people to bring their computers and Linux problems all to one place for investigation, and hopefully repair.

Each SaturdayWorkshop has its own page which is advertised in the SideBar for a month before; people who would be interested in attending should announce themselves and what they'd like help with on that page. If there are enough people interested in a particular topic, someone from the LUG who is an expert in that area might be able to be leaned on to come and help!

Meetings kick off at 10:30am and are generally held at TeWhanauPutahi - 37 Oxford Street.

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